#LifeHack for busy dog owners

I don’t have time to train my dog! If that’s something you say lets reframe what it takes to train a dog Write a list of behaviours your dog does that you don’t appreciate Write a list of behaviours you’d prefer they’d do instead Now you know what to teach them refer to positive reinforcement…

Dog Training Hay-on-wye

Looking for a local dog trainer?

Layne Arlina of Streetwise Dogs is qualified, enthusiastic and just up the road! #hayonwye

What is Life Skills Dog Training?

“My dog already knows how to do X, Y Z, how can the Life Skills classes benefit me?” I hear you, you’d like your dog to learn more but there’s no need to unnecessarily repeat what your dog already knows. The Life Skills classes involve so much more than basic obedience, although we do of…

How to feed a muzzled dog

A tip for those of you who are muzzle training. I switch up between a meaty meal, fruit mush, and squeezy cheese when counter-conditioning the muzzle and any trigger they struggle with. The packets are about £1 and work a treat! Be sure to check ingredients to ensure they are safe for dogs to eat…

Emergency Exit for Reactive Dogs

When handling large animals we can’t just expect to easily drag them away from danger, sometimes it’s impossible. The key to the Emergency Exit technique I developed through my work with strong dogs and horses, is to allow the animals forward motion to be the momentum for our exit.