Team Tegwyn, German Wirehaired Pointer

July 2020

Tegwyn is sweet natured and full of bounce. He’s a German Wirehaired Pointer pup, who has trouble managing his excitement, leading to jumping up and mouthing. Pulling on walks has been an issue, as has returning when called.

Tegwyn is also a picky eater but the JR Pet Products Pate was an absolute win.
The dynamics of team Tegwyn are a bit imbalanced. His behaviour is understandably creating frustration in his dad, and doting concern in his mum when he cries when left alone.

After discussing how dogs best learn we practised some techniques to which ‘Teggers’ responded beautifully to. I forsee a fantastic change in this young dog but most importantly a stronger, healthier bond with his clearly dedicated human teammates. Fab start to their training, I can’t wait to see them progress together!

1 week later


What a fun session Team Tegwyn had today. We played a game to reinforce self-control and a show of patience, helping him to learn the value of 4 paws on the floor too.

This session mostly focused on learning to walk with a loose lead. Humans need to learn this skill along with their dog – equipment positions and treat placement, how and when to use their body language to communicate, and a variety of techniques to encourage loose lead walking without using force or fear tactics.

Tegwyn responded beautifully; trotting along like a show dog. He even weaved poles while loose-leading. Superb! 👏⭐

#SDteamTegwyn #streetwisedogs


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