Team Loki et al, Staffordshire Bull Terriers


August 2020

4 beautiful Staffords each with very different personalities and individual needs:

Harley, old girl, is super sociable but protective over the others, playing the mother role.

Ivy is fearful of small dogs after being attacked by a Yorkshire Terrier.

Daisy and Loki, the youngsters, are both under socialised due to Loki needing intensive surgery on his elbows and in recovery for many months of his life. You can watch his episode on Supervet – Series 15 Episode 2.

Loki is more confident than Daisy, despite being in chronic pain since birth. He’s doing well now but hasn’t the stamina to run and play like the others. Daisy is wary of people, and they both react to children and other dogs.

We played a simple game to help with self control because, being bull breeds, they are very eager to receive immediate reinforcement. I was impressed with how quickly they warmed up to me, even Daisy chose to approach me for food and respond to my cues.

Their humans have been incredible with the initial behaviour change plan – diet and enrichment have already been addressed, and the training games are underway!

Proactive teams make me sooo happy because I know they will make the best progress. Their motivation makes working challenging cases an absolute joy! Awesome start for this team!

#SDTeamLoki #streetwisedogs


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