Team Buddy, Manchester Terrier


July 2020

Such captivating focus between these two during Buddy’s behaviour consultation this week.

Being a sensitive chap who’s learnt to rely on using aggression to shoo scary people away, barking at the door or outside noises is to be expected. So we took that behaviour and stripped it down to reveal Buddy’s needs. We began to repair his confidence in each area so that he feels safer by having more control over his environment, and can trust in the strategies that his human teammate uses, which can then replace his own coping techniques (aggression).

You’ll notice we aren’t working inside. That’s not due to covid but because it gives a better foundation before we do switch spaces. Also by removing the major trigger of being enclosed and unable to see baddies outside, Buddy can focus more on the task at hand before we add that challenge.

#SDteambuddy #streetwisedogs



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