Is daycare right for your dog?


Not all doggy day care’s are the same, many aren’t run by people with wellfare and behaviour knowledge, and are crammed with dogs who’ve little room to communicate calmly.

Im lucky to work beside one owned by Sarah, who is passionately part-dog herself in that her attention is never taken away from the group and they are all involved. The groups are well-managed to quickly diffuse tension and there’s enrichment everywhere.

As much as I love this particular set up, not all dogs are suited. Some would find it too stimulating and are unable to settle, even when naps are being indulged. It’s no longer fun for these type of dogs, they are overwhelmed.

Im trialling my foster dog at Sarah’s Doggy Day Care. She loved playing with others and the toys. She’s still learning about the world, so I’m around should this calm and safe environment become too much for her. If after her half days she still can’t settle in this space we won’t continue.

Roller-coasters are fun but not when the ride doesn’t stop – the body will become exhausted and stressed, with behaviours rippling out into other situations.

Fun events can cause Trigger Stacking due to the hormones that are released, leaving them less tolerant to stress. Adrenaline junkies seek out stimulation and struggle to settle. So, ensure your dog isn’t getting too much high-energy fun or group activities without enough time to decompress. An overaroused dog is not a happy dog. Daycare is not for every dog, choose your dogs care and daycare wisely!


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