Bonnie, Miniature Dachshund

September 2019

Blue eyed Bonnie is a mini Daxi who’s been responding to the changes in her life by toiletting indoors. Worrying for her humans, Bonnie hasnt been returning when called, and barks at people and other dogs.

After introducing Bonnie to the magic of reward based training, she was responsive and much less reactive. Understanding why these behaviours are happening and how to effectively resolve them without causing more problems, has given Bonnie’s human more patience, confidence and control.

Bonnie will be working with me again, in a joint consult with her friends Millie and Lola, as they all have poor recall when together. That should be fun!


July 2020


It was fab to see Bonnie the Dachshund today. When I first approached, she barked and continued to until enrichment was provided for her to focus her mind elsewhere. When her mind was in a calmer, problem-solving mode, I brought out my Chester so I could better assess her, as its her behaviour towards other dogs that is most troubling her teammate.

Upon seeing me and Chester, Bonnie raced to the end of her 5m lead and alarm-barked. After a brief training session Bonnie was quickly able to turn around and bounce over to her people, without the need to bark in such a way.

We must watch out for Bonnie associating barking with being fed, so I’ve instructed her teammate with ways to avoid this chain of behaviours from being reinforced.

Since our first session back in Septemeber, there have been some big changes in Bonnie’s life. She recently had a litter of 2 Pups and was an excellent mother but this will have placed a toll on her body. Bonnie is now on a great diet, to support her from within, which may be one reason for her coat colour change. We are starting back with a training plan so Team Bonnie can progress out of the current behavioural difficulties that have also been impacted by lockdown, family bereavement, pregnancy and a short-lived motherhood. We won’t be rushing Bonnie, we want her to blossom


#SDTeamBonnie #streetwisedogs


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