Streetwise Dogs review – Luna aka PP

The People’s Princess aka P-P, formally known as Luna, was flat out ignoring instructions and refusing to return when called. Pulling on walks, jumping on canal barges, behaving overly submissive and over-the-top eager to greet when she spots another dog, and invading her people’s personal space when food is about.

Good training starts by addressing the needs of the dog, so they are capable of listening, responding and choose to repeat beautifully trained behaviours without being nagged.

Luna was so much fun to train and the improvement in her behaviour was pretty much immediate. Her humans were so impressed with her that their motivation and trust was refreshed too. Teamwork!

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Luna my Golden Retriever is the first dog I’ve had since I was a child, so I’m a novice at training and with the general well being of my dog. I contacted Layne as I was struggling to get Luna to listen, particularly when there was something better going on.


My dog walks were stressful as I felt I had no control over my dog, especially her recall. When I contacted Layne she spent a lot of time talking and emailing me to understand where the problems stemmed from. I then had a one to one plus Luna with her and she completely changed my understanding of where my pooch was coming from.


Since I’ve been rewarding good behaviour, ignoring bad behaviour and sorting out her diet, she is a different dog. Walks are nearly always a pleasure, except for the rolling in smelly stuff (not convinced that will ever change). I can highly recommend Layne as a dog owner trainer, she has transformed my relationship with Luna.

Layne was fantastic with our bulldog and French Mastiff. Would highly recommend her for all your dog behavioural needs.

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