Streetwise Dogs review – Buddy



Buddy is a very handsome Manchester Terrier who’s been managing anxiety since a pup. Although he has many fab obedience skills and a superb bond with his people, Buddy hasn’t grown in confidence enough to feel safe around unfamiliar people and other dogs.

To keep a safe distance Buddy has come to rely on using aggression when asserting his boundary needs. This is very common when a dog’s polite request for space is ignored /missed, they need to speak louder. Unfortunately, these fearful beliefs were validated when he became lost after a ‘he’s friendly’ dog chased him.

My aim is not to stop Buddy expressing his fears but to help him learn other coping strategies. We’ve been focusing on reducing his anxiety and repairing his perception of those unpredictable dogs and people. Buddy is now much more confident and regularly chooses to return to his human team mate instead of running away or heading towards ‘danger’ in an act of defence. With further work this can become a new default behaviour, he’s making brilliant progress.



I feel so lucky that Layne is local to me. She has outstanding knowledge and expertise in canine behaviour, training and nutrition. All training is force free, reward based, positive reinforcement. She has guided me to help my nervous boy, Buddy, to have the coping strategies he needs in situations he finds over whelming.

I can already see a huge difference, he is more relaxed, confident and finds it much easier to choose not to react to triggers. I’m so grateful for all the help and really look forward to our sessions. I would highly recommend Layne.

See more of Buddy’s behaviour on our instagram



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