Streetwise Dogs Review – KUMA

Kuma is a very handsome Chow-Chow behaving aggressively toward people and some dogs. Our work together focused on building his trust of people, improve his tolerance to (unsettling) activity and change, while improving his physical wellbeing so that he can learn and make safer, better choices.

Each session was set up to enable Kuma to feel safe around people so he doesn’t feel the need to behave aggressively when people approach. Amongst various fear-free techniques, we used Counter Conditioning exercises. He soon picked up the rules of the game and offered more calm, connected behaviour in place of reacting towards me as I stomped about (behaving as a triggering distraction).

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We had a very reactive dog who did not like any people he met other than us. Now, thanks to Layne, our dog is more trusting with people and tries to leave before he reacts. We could not have done it without Layne.

She helped us with diet, supplements and exercises. She is so smart and knows so much, I was in awe every session we had. It is still a work in progress, but we can see little changes and it gives us hope that our dog would not feel the need to react to everyone.

We are growing and learning together with our dog. I would recommend Layne to anyone. Whatever the problem, there is help. Thank you!

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Read reviews online

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