Streetwise Dogs review – PEGGY SUE

Thoughts from the Initial Behaviour Consultation

Peggy Sue the bright and determined Bull Dog is behaving aggressively towards her rescue brother, Charlie, a super soft French Mastiff. Luckily for this challenged friendship, Charlie is very good at deflecting her attempts to harm him. His size and communication skills have kept him safe so far but he must feel sad being bullied.

This upsetting situation has been well-managed but since Peggy began to threaten her human family too professional support is vital. A behaviour change plan is now in place to provide each dog with outlets to fulfil their individual needs, immediately reducing frustration and to raise Peggy’s tolerance.

The training will seek to repair their friendship while addressing human-directed aggression, resource guarding (toys, spaces, people) and the underlying causes to why Peggy Sue grew to feel she needs to use aggression (to control her environment, to feel safe). An instructed visit to the vet meant dental issues were discovered. I’m interested to see how resolving that will affect (hopefully improve) Peggy’s behaviour.

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If your dog is behaving aggressively towards people or other animals don’t wait for the behaviour to resolve itself, contact a professional who uses effective and science-based methods that don’t cause discomfort

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