Streetwise Dogs review – FRIDA

FRIDA the rescue French Bull Dog has recently landed in a great new home. This new family includes a cat, who is now too scared to live indoors. Friday’s recall is poor and her response to instructions is slow, so we have been working on improving all these through clicker training and changes to her diet.

There’s an adjustment period to settling into a new lifestyle and although Frida is well and truly bonded with her new family, her confidence, in general, is low. Her subdued nature means her body language isn’t always so clear so learning about how Frida expresses her needs is also key to helping her shine.



We were feeling out of our depth with our new rehomed dog Frida. She was a breed we were unfamiliar with and we were her 3rd home in 18 months.

Layne has given us invaluable advice on diet (huge difference in Frida after improving her diet) and positive training methods that we go back to as and when needed. We’re currently addressing Frida’s behaviour when the doorbell rings and feel far more confident with our skills because of Layne’s training.

I wouldn’t hesitate in contacting Layne in the future and would recommend her wholeheartedly to any dog owner.

Jo’s review

Frida is a lot more confident in herself and her new family.

Read about her consult here



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