Streetwise Dogs Review – CHARLIE

Harness shy escapologist, Charlie, was living life at top speed without recall, door manners, leaping onto worktops and up to greet guests. He was very nervous of having his collar touched or harness put on. So we used exciting games to train him and boy did he learn quick. Since fitting him with a comfortable Perfect Fit Harness and training him to associate it will good things, he’s much happier about this essential equipment until his recall is reliable.

Watch videos from Charlie’s training sessions here



Charlie (lively cockapoo) and I (enthusiastic dog novice) enjoyed our training sessions with Layne Arlina. Each stage was explained and demonstrated with practical one on one guidance. Charlie enjoyed reward training and games and I enjoyed a more satisfied and engaged companion. I would recommend Layne Arlina as a trainer. She really has the eye when it comes to reading where the dog is in the moment. She showed how training your dog can be fun. I found it really helpful to have the support when I was struggling with unwanted dog behaviours.

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