Speedy training with a professional

Handing the lead over to a trainer can often mean quicker results, and as we’re socially restricted this style of support is proving very helpful for many of you.

Hiring a trainer who’s qualified and insured is essential when handing your dog over to a stranger, you need to trust them else you’ll spent the entire session wondering if they’re ok.

I love doing 1-to-1 consults where I instruct people through every step of their dogs education and rehab. I get a real kick out of watching someones confidence grow as they refine their handling skills and use their own body language to communicate with their dog. I love coaching, and I often over deliver. I don’t mind because I love my job, as you can probably tell from my social media accounts.

So being socially distanced has changed things a bit but it hasn’t stopped me getting great results with the dogs. In fact, the 1-to-1 Training Walks have provided some relief from clients who’ve been struggling with their dogs behaviour but worried about becoming unwell in public.

So that’s where I step in and take over for 1 hour, and later by phone or video call I relay everything their dog did with me in session. With that remote consult they get tailored advice, which is really only accessible if you have an initial consult. But things aren’t the norm right now so I’m just helping that bit extra when I know it’s needed.


Are you stuck at home but want to improve your dogs behaviour?

If you’re local to Hay-on-Wye UK I can train your dog for you. If you are further afield I can instruct you over the phone or demo through a video call. There really is nothing stopping us from helping your dog learn how to behave respectfully indoors and out. The Training Walks just allow you more time for you, which right now may be exactly what you need to find your new normal during the covid crisis.

Reactive dogs welcome!



We had a very reactive dog who did not like any people he met other than us. Now, thanks to Layne, our dog is more trusting with people and tries to leave before he reacts. We could not have done it without Layne.

Erlike Turnpu

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