Home ed for dogs

There’s never been a better time to learn how to train your dog with all the resources available. Trainers like myself are now offering remote consults and classes to guide you through the key steps in getting the best out of your dog.

Have you ever had a skype or zoom call? It’s so easy and fun! Training a dog by a live video call means your dog is totally focused on you and not the trainer in the room – which means they’ll continue to respond to YOUR cues rather than going back to normal once the trainer has packed up and left.

There are many benefits to remote training and behaviour consults. One that’s especially important for dogs with emotional issues is that there are no distractions or added pressures when resolving anxiety, separation-related distress and aggression. With good training foundations, these dogs can blossom, and if you still need in-person training after a run of remote consults then you’ll spend less money on those.

Streetwise Dogs offer an online training course to teach you HOW to encourage lovely loose-lead walking, to achieve a reliable recall and more! The course has both text and video demonstrations to make it accessible from any device. We also gather in a private facebook group to share any challenges that come up, and talk through exactly how to overcome them.

Here’s a clip of Layne with her dog Chester, practising some of the skills taught in the course.


To find out more about training Virtually you can visit our website or send email at streetwisedogs@gmail.com

Social distancing won’t ever stop us from working together, we’re too creative for that



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