Self control around sheep

Sheep worrying is a crime and the farmer has the legal right to shoot your dog should they catch them amongst their livestock. But for many of us, walking a dog past animals while they are on the lead is still a huge challenge.

Does your dog pull towards livestock, do they bark as they pass? Are you struggling to manage their behaviour because they’ve suddenly become wild?

The answer is not in brute force or correction collars. The answer is in education in a way the dog will happily learn. Else they’ll go and chase once your back is turned.

The key to success is to plan your training sessions and don’t expect them to get it straight away. To work from a distance so your dog’s arousal levels aren’t through the roof. To allow your dog the opportunity to look, listen, smell and learn, and reward them with praise and food for doing so.

There are some really easy and very effective ways to train a dog to be calm around other animals, and it starts with us setting the scene for easy learning. A dog who’s immersed in a situation may not learn what you want them to, but they will if they’ve the time, patience and support from a safe place (for the sheep and your dog’s arousal level)



If you are struggling to manage your dog’s behaviour around livestock and you’d like our help, we offer remote consults that will guide you through the process.


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