Want your dog to leave items AND return when called?

Screenshot 2020-04-07 21.36.32

Want a dog who will listen and respond to your instructions?

Our new online academy has a course to do just that!

If you’ve not been able to succeed through a group training class because your dog acts like an absolute fruit loop or a frightened fido, the STREETWISE DOGS ACADEMY is just for you!

Our step-by-step video courses provide you with the skills and knowledge you’ll need to get the best out of your dog. Dogs rarely grow out of unwanted behaviour, and do need to be shown how to behave the way we want. Environment is key when training, which makes these remote courses so easy and effective. Just like children who thrive through play-based learning at home, dogs can too!
LIFE SKILLS level 1 is a 6 week course that benefits all dogs from pup through to adulthood. All skills are taught using rewards, so the behaviours can stick long after graduation. You’ll also have the course for life should you ever need a reminder.

With just 5 minutes a day on each exercise, your dog can soon learn to:

  • Focus on you
  • Return when called
  • Walk with you without pulling
  • Find and retrieve items, very handy!
  • Leave items they’re not allowed
  • Perform tricks
  • Settle and chill when you ask them to
  • And most importantly, through this course, you’ll have a toolbox to encourage calm and manageable behaviour.


Curious? Here’s the course trailer!



LIFE SKILLS level 1 is just £60 (+vat) for 6 weeks of step-by-step dog training. This limited offer includes:

  • Optional 2 months of tuition with a qualified trainer
  • Lifetime access to the course!
  • Access to the Streetwise Dogs Academy Facebook group for tips, live videos and share progress with your classmates around the globe

See you in class!



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