Schools out but training is in!

It’s April 2020 and we’re in the midst of a stuffy lockdown. Luckily for us, I’ve been planning to move my courses and classes into the virtual realms for the past 6 months!

Welcome to the brand spanking new, STREETWISE DOGS ACADEMY!

Most of my clients have reactive dogs which meant they always missed out on the fun that is had in a training class. That’s why I ran Calm The Fluff Down, to prep these busy minded dogs for the class environment because they would have lost their heads in a normal class. But even with this prep stage, many dogs found it hard to focus when they’ve only just learnt how to be around others without exploding. There was something missing, a layer of support I wanted to offer but hadn’t got there yet. Well, here it is!


The Streetwise Dogs Academy will be providing courses and remote group classes to give you the skills and knowledge you need to help your dogs thrive in these strange times!

This means all of the well-loved Life Skills classes will become available to you from the comfort of your living room. I’m in the midst of creating courses to cover a reliable Recall, achieving a loose-lead walking buddy, stop sheep-chasing games, a pooch that isn’t petrified when being pampered, and more!

To kick your training off I’ve decided to launch the LIFE SKILLS level 1 as this contains all the foundation skills you AND your dog need to get that great focused yet calm dog behaviour you’re looking for.  Course enrolment starts on 12th April and will be open for a week. See you in class!

To Enrol visit

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