Canine Body Language – Dog Training College 3rd Nov


Learn to speak dog with the Dog Training College, taught by Layne Arlina of Streetwise Dogs. CPD approved!

Venue: Glasbury Village Hall, Glasbury, HR3 5TH
Time: 10am – 2pm
Date: Sunday 3rd November 2019

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Workshop Overview

Learning how to read and interpret subtle body language and facial expression will allow us to understand what a dog is really trying to tell us. Being able to read a dog will allow you to understand and even predict canine behaviour.

This fascinating subject will open up a whole new way of communicating with your dog that you may not even have realised was possible. You will truly begin to speak dog.

This course will begin to answer some of the most misunderstood canine behaviours and as a result, will change the way you interact with dogs forever. This is the course your dog wants you to attend!

Accredited certificate and refreshments provided

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