#LifeHack for busy dog owners

I don’t have time to train my dog!

If that’s something you say lets reframe what it takes to train a dog

  1. Write a list of behaviours your dog does that you don’t appreciate
  2. Write a list of behaviours you’d prefer they’d do instead
  3. Now you know what to teach them refer to positive reinforcement training books, blogs, Facebook groups, YouTube / a local trainer to show you the techniques
  4. Designate the training exercises to different times of day and different situations
  5. Place pots of treats out of reach around your home / wear a full treat pouch
  6. Take any opportunity to train your dog

– Passing the dogs bed?
Pop a treat there (bed = reward. I best be here more often)

– Walking through the garden gate?
Ask for patience before leaving

– Feeding their meal?
Lower the bowl but only place is down when dog shows patience. Maybe even ask for a sit.

– Dog pulling on walk?
Play ‘find it’ (toy/treat) in the grass, woods, bus stops

– While the kettle boils, train a behaviour from your list. Just 2 minutes to spare? That’s all it takes.


Practise simple and rewarding micro-training sessions throughout the day whenever you’ve 2 minutes to spare, and by the weekend you’ll find your dog’s behaviour has already begun to improve. Stick to just 1 or 2 exercises per week for better success rate.



Top Tips

  • Be prepared
  • Get an easy training plan
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Practise 1 exercise at a time, little and often
  • Get the kids, neighbours and friends involved – Have fun, dogs learn quicker!
  • Track their training progress through film /photo and share with your friends – We’d much prefer to see your dog learning than what you ate for dinner
  • Manage their environment and provide enrichment (safe toys) when they’re unsupervised to avoid them getting into trouble


Training your dog makes your life easier, so gift yourself that 🐶😊


* If your dog is behaving cautiously/ aggressively get professional help. That’s not something you can resolve on your own if you don’t have much free time.


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