Streetwise Dogs & Perfect Fit Harness


Streetwise Dogs now stocks the Ultimate in Dog Walking Harnesses!


– No chafing under the armpits, no pressure on the shoulders to upset their gait. Modular design allows for secure and snug fit for almost any size & shape of dog

– Easy to clip around dog’s neck and NOT put over head if the dog hates that

– Adjustable in up to 5 different places to allow for growth or weight loss/ gain

– Each piece can be replaced as or when needed rather than replace the entire harness. Cost effective!

– Front piece comes with an additional D-ring as standard. When used with a double-ended lead you have more control over your dog

– Safe for amputee dogs (Tripawed!)

– Difficult for escapologist dogs to get out of

– Calming for excitable dogs


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The Perfect Fit Harness is great for dogs who are changing shape, training, reactive, anxious or escape-artists!

Perfect Fit Harness slim is £38 and wide is £48
Fittings are £5 or free for existing clients

Email to arrange your dog a fitting

Location: Streetwise Dogs, The Barn, Paddock House, Clifford, HR3 5HB

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Dog Trainer & Behaviour Consultant

Herefordshire & Powys

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