Do you hate filling out forms?

I hear you. It’s so much easier to just call up, or turn up and pay on the door…

I’ll let you in on a secret…

1) By taking time out of your day to share your dog’s behaviour history you show me you’re dedicated to improving your their behaviour.
The issues don’t fix themselves, they need your commitment, it’s a team effort.


2) By sharing your dog’s behaviour info, by answering as fully and honestly as possible, you provide me with a great insight into your dog’s behaviour.
This means I can truly tailor support and we get more work done in the sessions!


3) If you’re ONLY enrolling on a class, you know that your dog will be understood and supported on the class they attend. It may seem unnecessary for JUST a class but I don’t train strait forward obedience – I teach you how to train your dog what they need to know.


4) I am not a robot. I need machines to help me organise all your information so that I can quickly pull-up your info if ever your dog needs support and I don’t have all my notes to hand.


5) Once I have your form you can easily access my services. I’m not going to say that every service is best for your dog if that’s not true, I don’t want to waste our time or rob you – I want your dog to succeed!


If I believe your dog needs a behaviour consultation to reduce underlying issues so they can actually learn in class, that’s what I’ll offer. But if your dog simply needs a 1-to-1 training session for less distraction, I’ll offer that. And should your dog still struggle to focus in my training classes, guess what – I’ve only gone and set up a ‘safe space’ desensitisation class for them to prep for that sort of educational environment.


SO, believe me when I say, your form gives your dog the best chance to improve.

If you genuinely struggle with forms we can do it over the phone, but that’s my free time so I do ask for payment. This is the best way for me to offer my services at this present time. I’m always open to ideas though.


Don’t fear the form, it’s your key to change!


Streetwise Dogs


Herefordshire & Powys

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