Stay cool, hot dog!

Avoid heatstroke by keeping your dog to the shade, easy activities, and plenty of water to drink or bath in. 

Bored? Try brain games!

Give them something good to think about, while they aren’t able to prance about as usual.

Any game where your dog needs to sniff and seek for treats or toys will activate their brain’s pleasure centre, making them feel content and relaxed. These games are also great for encouraging that much-needed life skill; problem-solving!


Licki Mat – paste food into the grooves for a relaxing treat



Doggy icecream – Kefir/ greek yoghurt and frozen fruit. Blend or whole, place in freezer for a couple of hours



Frozen Kong Meal – Kefir/ Yoghut, tinned fish, peas, berries, nut butter to plug the end




Snuffle toys – hide treats inside the super-soft fleece for the dog to sniff and seek out


Dog Training College Pupsicles




If you think your dog isn’t quite right, don’t risk ‘waiting it out’. Call your vet for advice!

Enjoy the sunshine!

Streetwise Dogs

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