Calm The Fluff Down

Calm The Fluff Down is a pressure-free, safe space; providing your dog with the opportunity to become comfortable among other dogs and people in a classroom setting.

We all need different approaches to learning. Many of us need more information before we can take on important tasks. For dogs, the world is overwhelming with information so it’s important we slow the pace down to help them categorise. Successful socialisation is achieved through gradual exposure to new and different experiences. Dogs who usually become overwhelmed, anxious, overexcited, tense and distracted can benefit from these small group sessions.

Calm The Fluff Down is not an obedience training class as it is purely designed to encourage calm behaviour, although reward-based training techniques will be taught to measure your dogs focus and wellbeing. Once they are able to learn within this environment a place on the Life Skills class will be opened up for them. If you aren’t looking to progress through training classes, you will still have prepared your dog for real-life social situations.

Spaces are mindfully positioned for each dog, enrichment is provided and key training advice will be given for each dogs needs. The venue is large with 4 exits, a carpark and toilets.

Calm The Fluff Down – STARTS 1ST MAY 2019

At 7pm for 50 mins


Glasbury Village Hall



Ad-hoc class but booking ahead is mandatory.

No entry without notice as space is limited.

Tickets sold on a first come first serve basis to make it fair.

Please read the class rules and T&C’s before booking to make sure you agree and are happy to abide by them

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