What is Life Skills Dog Training?

“My dog already knows how to do X, Y Z,
how can the Life Skills classes benefit me?”

I hear you, you’d like your dog to learn more but there’s no need to unnecessarily repeat what your dog already knows. The Life Skills classes involve so much more than basic obedience, although we do of course cover those skills too.

Streetwise Dogs methods are not so traditional: we’ll use reward-based techniques through clicker training, scentwork, trick-training and behaviour modification protocols to equip your dog with an array of skills for the real world.

I choose to train this way because I’ve found the behaviours stick for longer – there’s nothing better than your dog see a situation/ environment and behave accordingly without being asked. The tricks aren’t just fun but highly practical brain-games too. I use them all the time with my dog in our micro-training sessions, of about 5 minutes a time, to strengthen important skills like Recall, emergency stop, go around etc They’re so rewarding for the dog that the training itself gives them a real buzz – food can easily be fased out without dampening motivation.


This modern approach to training is fun, easy, and very effective. I train using consent so the dog feels empowered and chooses to behave in a cooperative way. The stress out of grooming, nail clipping, vet checks and training as a whole is lifted using this science-led consent work covered in Life Skills classes.

With a heavy emphasis on training dogs to be tuned in, calm and choose to the right decision, checking-in with you when unsure, the Life Skills classes offer your dog much more than simpy becoming a well-behaved yet passive, biddable dog.

Level 1 lays the groundwork for the challenges to come in Level 2 and 3. No dog will ever be at the same level that’s why I train the class as a whole but also instruct individual dog owners by altering the instructions to suit the individual dog’s needs. If your dog understands basic obedience they’ll also gain essential problem-solving and emotional management skill through the Life Skills Level 1 class!

If the Life Skills classes interest you please complete this online form https://forms.gle/KEL13sRFCHF69Bg76  No printing necessary!


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