How to feed a muzzled dog

A tip for those of you who are muzzle training. I switch up between a meaty meal, fruit mush, and squeezy cheese when counter-conditioning the muzzle and any trigger they struggle with. The packets are about £1 and work a treat!

Be sure to check ingredients to ensure they are safe for dogs to eat 😊

If you need to keep further distance between yourself and the dog you can squeeze some into a bowl for them to lick out or paste a nut butter, baby food or squeezey cheese onto a wooden spoon.


These are the muzzles I recommend using for any breed of dog . Baskerville Ultra and Bumas both leave room to pant to cool down, and there’s space to feed while training. Bumas even make muzzles to fit your dogs specific shape, so with flat-faced breeds they have nose-free muzzles. These are both easy to clean, can be used in water and provide the perfect barrier between a dogs gnashes and the world around them.

Happy training!




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