Streetwise Dogs review – Buddy

To keep a safe distance from unfamiliar people and dogs Buddy relied on using aggression to asserting his boundary needs. This is very common when a dog’s polite request for space is ignored /missed – they need to speak louder. Read how this is changing for Buddy

Streetwise Dogs review – Luna aka PP

Pulling on walks, jumping on canal barges, behaving overly submissive and over-the-top eager to greet when she spots another dog, and invading her people’s personal space when food is about. Luna needed training!

Streetwise Dogs Review – KUMA

Kuma is a very handsome Chow-Chow behaving aggressively toward people and some dogs. Our work together focused on building his trust of people, improve his tolerance to (unsettling) activity and change, while improving his physical wellbeing so that he can learn and make safer, better choices.

Streetwise Dogs Review – CHARLIE

Streetwise Dogs Review – CHARLIE. Harness shy escapologist who was living life at top speed without recall, door manners, leaping onto kitchen worktops and up to greet guests.

Streetwise Dogs review – FRIDA

FRIDA the rescue French Bull Dog has recently landed herself in a great new home. This new family includes a cat, who is now too scared to live indoors. Friday’s recall is poor and her response to instructions is slow

Speedy training with a professional

Handing the lead over to a trainer can often mean quicker results, and as we’re socially restricted this style of support is proving very helpful for many of you.

Home ed for dogs

There’s never been a better time to learn how to train your dog with all the resources available. Trainers like myself are now offering remote consults and classes to guide you through the key steps in getting the best out of your dog. Have you ever had a skype or zoom call? It’s so easy…

Does your dog really like it?

Ever had a day where you just need some space from other people, or even your dog? Maybe you have a headache or feel a bit stressed from something you’ve been thinking about. What if your dog secretly felt the same… how would you know?

Self control around sheep

Sheep worrying is a crime and the farmer has the legal right to shoot your dog should they catch them amongst their livestock. But for many of us, walking a dog past animals while they are on the lead is still a huge challenge. Does your dog pull towards livestock, do they bark as they…